World Bank approves $495.3m to boost agriculture in northern Nigeria

The World Bank has approved 495.3 million dollars (about N80.7 billion) to boost agriculture in Northern Nigeria.

The money is said to be used to improve farmers’ access to irrigation and drainage services, and also to strengthen institutional arrangements for integrated water resources management and enhance delivery of agricultural services in selected large-scale public schemes in the Northern Nigeria.

All these, as disclosed, will be carried out through a project called TRIMING which in full means, Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria.

TRIMING will improve existing irrigation on 27, 000 hectares, irrigate an additional 23, 000 hectares, and benefit more than 140, 000 farmers, while mobilising private sector investment.

TRIMING as been described as a transformational effort to improve agriculture, large-scale public irrigation for expanding food production and encourage economic growth in rural areas which is necessary to end poverty and boost prosperity, as well as enhance resilience of agriculture production systems.

It has been disclosed that the agriculture boost project would be implemented by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMWR) and would become effective from Oct. 1.