7 reasons why you should visit the Seychelles

Reminiscing on my time in Seychelles is always a delight. I had some of the best travel memories on this Island and it is on my “Highly Recommended” list of places to visit. I enjoyed waking up to the lovely view from my room balcony at the lodge I stayed at, spending evenings by the beach and exploring Victoria and the other two main Islands.

If you are thinking of a perfect holiday spot and not in the mood to go some where Here are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting this wonderful archipelago:

Serene Beaches

The beaches in Seychelles make beaches in Lagos where I reside look like SHIT!!! No joke. And to top that, it’s FREE. No “area boy” to harass you as the law of the land states that the beach belongs to everyone (Lagos take note).  This island has some of the best beaches in the world that are worth spending time on. My favourite of them is the Anse Source D’argent on the third largest Island of La Digue. It is insanely beautiful with crystal clear waters and unique rock formations pitched all around it. Other famous beaches are Anse Lazio in Praslin and Beau Vallon in Mahé.

Anse Source D'argent
Anse Source D’argent

Island Hopping

The archipelago is made up of 115 islands to there’s enough island for everyone. Enjoy sailing on the ocean as you enjoy exploring the other Islands of the Seychelles. I particularly loved La Digue and I’ll like to spend more time there when next I visit Seychelles.

The Ferry to Praslin
The Ferry to Praslin

Little Towns

Exploring Victoria wouldn’t be a problem since it is quite small. You won’t be overwhelmed like you would exploring big cities like London, Dubai or New York. Everything in Victoria is virtually a stone throw from any of it its corners. Visit the tourist center to get more information about the island. There are souvenir shops line up at Francis Rachel Street where you can get unique souvenirs to make your trip a memorable one.

Clock Tower in Victoria
Clock Tower in Victoria
Souvenir Shop
Souvenir Shop

Coral Reefs

If you ever think of diving or snorkelling, then you should consider Seychelles as a destination for that. The coral reef is absolutely beautiful and I beat myself in the head for not being a perfect swimmer (I didn’t get the chance to snorkel). Although there have been some damages to the coral reefs due to certain factors, there have been efforts in reviving it in recent times.

coral reef
coral reef

Endemic Species

Whether it’s the Giant coco de mer; a palm specie that can only be found on this Island or the Aldabra giant tortoise, you are sure to be fascinated by the unique flora and fauna species the island has to offer. You can visit the Vallée de mai-a UNESCO world heritage site- where the coco de mer is conserved and learn more about them. The Aldabra atoll, home of the Aldabra giant tortoise (and also a UNESCO world heritage site) is however not accessible to tourist except researchers. But not to worry, you can find them at the botanical gardens in Victoria if you’re keen on seeing some. They also have some of them on La Digue.

Feeding the Aldabra Giant Tortiose -Seychelles
Feeding the Aldabra Giant Tortiose
Coco De Mer -Seychelles
Coco De Mer

Fine Cuisine

The Island’s cuisine is very diverse with influences from African, French, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Ditch fancy restaurants and look out for small take out shops to get value for money. Trust me, they taste just as good. I particularly liked the rich beef stew with noodles (was too hungry to take a picture of it). Also, eat as much fish as you can lay your mouth on. Not doing so will be an offense as Fishing is a major occupation amongst islanders.

Cuisine -Seychelles

Friendly Locals

The Islanders are very friendly and always willing to help. Although I had a hard time trying to understand their accent, it took a little bit of patience for me to make out the words. Most locals I had an encounter with were curious about the Chibok girls, Others were surprised I wasn’t Kenyan. Imier; Ninette’s Uncle, was very helpful in booking my tour of the coral reef and her Aunt Tise was the one who introduced me to her at first. She stopped me on the road when and asked me where I was from. She immediately picked up the phone and dialed her niece when I told her I was Nigerian.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Seychelles – Fola’s Waka