See what happened when a man dropped his wallet in Dubai

I’ve been itching to travel to Dubai to try this out (test drop my wallet that is) since I first heard it. But someone’s gone done it and saved me ticket money!

So in the video you are about to watch, this guy (you can imagine that’s me in men’s wear) drops his wallet several times to test what passers-by would do… to steal or not to steal? And guess what happened?

Not a single one was tempted to steal it!

Instead, each and every person who saw the wallet drop, called the owner’s attention to it.

It’s not just wallets. Phones, laptops and other valuables have been reported to remain where the owners left them behind until they return to look for it or, until a security officer contacts them. That’s just how honest residents of the emirate of Dubai are.

So I’m wondering… if you were to drop your wallet (whether knowingly or mistakenly) in your country or locality, what do you think would happen? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.