Hipster Jesus

photo source: Gawker

You ever wondered if Jesus was just wearing bedraggled robes to be ironic, or if he really converted water to Pabst Blue Ribbon? Or maybe it was his penchant for sometimes wearing an overpriced t-shirt purchased from Galilee Outfitters that said ‘I Heart Pontius Pilate‘ that tipped everyone off to the fact that he may have been a hipster. Well, one Brooklyn-based Catholic Diocese is trying to make that case.

In a bizarre campaign in what can only be construed as an effort to attract people too cool for employment (aka, hipsters), the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is declaring Jesus “the original hipster.”

Featuring a person representing Jesus in a long white robe with a pair of red Converse sneakers peeping out, the campaign immediately drew media interest. Gawker suggested that the campaign must have derived an obscure Bible verse you’ve never heard of.

But according to Monsignor Kieran Harrington, spokesman for the Brooklyn diocese, the idea of Jesus being a hipster should come of little shock.

“Historically, representations of Christ have reflected the population that was worshipping there,” Harrington told The Huffington Post.

“It doesn’t seem to me so far-fetched that the representation of Christ would be a hipster,” Harrington said. “More to the point, Jesus stood in contrast to the culture of his day. That’s what a lot of hipsters do too.”

So is the body of Christ gluten-free? Jesus actually seemed more akin to being a hippie than anything else. Hipsters, in their futile quest for being “non-conformist,” tend to all look alike and have no sense of originality at all. Well, unless you consider looking starved to death original. But like hipsters, Jesus did have a wealthy father.

In all seriousness, Harrington explained that the campaign is designed to help newcomers in the area find a local parish. It was launched shortly after Easter and can be found at bus stops, phone booths, and even restaurants and bars.


source: New Jersey Newsroom