It seems that Pokello Nare’s stay in Ghana with her boyfriend Elikem Kumordzi is long overdue as it has raised eyebrows among some of her fans who said culturally she is setting a bad example.

Traditionally, Pokello was not supposed to stay with her boyfriend until they are married. It has been more than three weeks since she left Zimbabwe for Ghana where, among other things, she is eking out a living through making appearances at private parties and clubs. The “Queen of Swag” reportedly wants to venture into clothing business together with her heart trob.

“I think she has overstayed in Ghana. According to our culture, it is not acceptable for a woman to elope let alone overstay at a boyfriend’s house. Yes, you can visit your boyfriend’s house for formal introductions for two or three days. What we are seeing is a bad example of Zimbabwean culture. Maybe the Ghanian tradition is different, but as Africans we share a lot in common” a fan reported.

The Polikem couple also attended Selly’s birthday party last weekend with other former housemates like Maria, Dillish, Melvin and Bolt.

Meanwhile, Hakeem Mandaza sneaked back into the country last week from his maiden tour of Zambia. Hakeem, who had gone to rekindle his romance with his girlfriend Clementina Mulenga affectionately known as Cleo, was also in Zambia for the past two weeks.
Hakeem, who met some of Cleo’s family members, said he enjoyed his stay in Zambia. Contrary to media reports that Hakeem was not taking a keen interest in Cleo, he said the two had agreed to keep the relationship out of the public glare because they were working on other things.

“We love each other very much. After the show we had been communicating and agreed to keep a low profile especially with the media around us. We have a lot of other things to do right now and when the time comes, the public will know what we want them to know,” he reportedly said.

On the question of why he missed Selly’s party, he reportedly said “Cleo traveled to Malawi and is coming end of October. I rushed back home because my son was hospitalized last week, so I had to check up on him. That is why I missed Selly’s party,”

Just last week, Angelo, Bimp, and Bassey attended Beverly Osu’s birthday bash at the AURA night club Victoria island where Beverly and Angelo were seen sharing passionate kisses (as usual).

Meanwhile our BBA Princess and winner of BBA the Chase seems to be doing pretty well with her life. She recently became the GOTV ambassador for Namibia.

Our former BBA housemates have proven to be the closest ex-housemates so far. Attending each other’s birthday bash, keeping in touch and maintaining romantic relationships over long distance has proven just how deep their friendship in the house ran.

We wish them the very best!