How unsupervised internet use turned two 12 year-olds into criminals

That parents leave their children to  use the internet unsupervised is a silent horror that the world has been screaming about. Apparently, parents still remain deaf until the dirt like 13 year old Henry Tattersall’s suicide, hits their floor square and nice!

In this sad story, two unnamed 12-year-old Wisconsin girls have been accused of stabbing their friend (another 12 year old) nearly to death in the woods to please a fictional character called the Slender Man.

unsupervised 12 year olds

According to the girls, they had been planning to kill their 12-year-old friend for months to please Slenderman, a fictional demon-like creature they learned about through a horror website.

To carry out their ‘sacrifice’, the two girls invited their friend to a sleepover at one of their houses. They had originally planned to kill her in the house. However, the amount of blood it would cause made them lure her into the woods, and stabbed her 19 times.

They left the victim in the woods and they ran away.

As fate would have it, the victim who was still miraculously conscious despite her many wounds, crawled to a road where a bicyclist found her lying on the sidewalk. She was immediately rushed into surgery after giving one of the names of her attacker to the Police.

Both girls have been charged as adults with first-degree attempted murder and could bag 60 years each in prison if convicted. A court commissioner set bail at $500,000 cash per child.

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