Twitter goes commercial: public testing of twitter’s BUY button begins

Twitter announced on Monday that it will begin testing a new feature added to its micro-blogging site which will allow users to buy stuffs on the site.

This new feature, evident with a very noticeable ‘BUY’ button embedded in the post of the product for sale, will enable tweeters to buy from tweets with just one click as long as they are logged in to their accounts.

Twitter’s Nathan Hubbard says that Twitter will try hard to shorten considerably the  issue of BUY-links redirecting to another website where buyers might have to go through a long process of giving so many info before they can complete an offer.

According to reports, once the buy button is clicked, the service will then prompt users to enter their credit card and shipping information, but if the information is already on file, users will be prompted to confirm their purchase by clicking the button again.