“…If you know better, you should do better” -Toke Makinwa

Hey ladies, remember the one time someone was (probably drunk and) stupid enough to ask you to have unprotected sex with him as a proof of his love for you? If you saw beneath that ‘love’, high five for you! If you didn’t see it and you did it ‘for love’, I can’t help but shake my head for you.

Many assume that if you aren’t giving up the cookie in a relationship, then you don’t love your partner. Because of this, a lot of ladies get pressured into sex and they do it because they don’t want to appear ‘uncool’.

Frankly, I support the principle of ‘No sex without marriage’. Religious and cultural beliefs aside, abstinence keeps the emotional table un-cluttered. I can go on and on like I’m an expert but the truth is, I’m not alone in my opinion. You probably know this already too.

Anyway, I’m posting this because of well known media personality, Toke Makinwa’s take on unprotected sex (and sex in relationships too). To tell the truth, This is the very first video of hers I’m watching and I absolutely love her Vlog.

It is amazing that despite the many diseases out there, and all the uncountable jingles on air and the painful ear-stretchings (if you don’t know what I mean by ear stretching, you should ask your mum or your grandma), people still ask if they should have sex without a condom.

Well, thank God they are asking at least. Enough said, watch and listen to Toke Makinwa’s two cents on sex without protection. Please do tell me your opinions in the comment box below.