For the past 11 months Mick and Mairead Philpott and their friend Paul Mosley, who have been on trial for the death of the Philpotts six children and have been found guilty of manslaughter.

It all started when Mick (Father of 17) had decided with his wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley, to frame Lisa Willis, his former mistress Lisa Willis who had left the family home three months earlier with her five children.

He began by telling friends she had threatened his home and his children, something he would ‘use in court to get his children back’. Less than a fortnight before the fire, he reported to police that she had made a telephone threat to kill him. Jurors heard that it could have been the desire to get her and the children, or an attempt to weaken her case in an upcoming court hearing over residency of the children, or even the hope of a bigger council house, which he had been demanding from the local authority ever since 2006, that motivated the defendants to set the fire.

The fire was started using petrol in the hallway of the house as the children slept. That plan was to make it look like Lisa, or someone connected to her, had set fire to his house then Philpott will rescue the children and he could play “Hero”. 

What they did not realise was how quickly the fire would take hold at the semi-detached council house and leave them unable to rescue the sleeping children from their beds. The blazewhich unfortunately killed 6 of his 17 children, broke out at the house in Allenton, Derby, at around 3.45am just hours before Philpott  and Miss Willis were due to appear at a pre-scheduled court hearing to discuss residency of their children.

Profile of Mick Philpotts, His Women and The Dead Children.

Micheal Philpott

Mick is the father of 17 children by five women. Of  the 17, he had three children with his ex-wife, Pamela Lomax [David(25) Richard(24), and Michaela(21)], and a five years old Joshua, who Mr Philpott once said was the product of a liaison with the partner of a friend whom he had slept with to prove a point.
Described as a controlling and manipulating figure, he has a history of violence against women dating back to a 1978 for attempted murder. He was dubbed “Shameless Mick” and “Britain’s biggest scrounger” in 2006, after his demands for a bigger council house was splashed across the front pages of several newspapers.

At the time he was father to 15 children with five different women, and both his wife and live-in mistress were pregnant. Philpott said he could understand why people were shocked at the way his family lived, especially when he revealed intimate details of the dynamics involved, such as how he would spend a few nights in his caravan and one night would be spent with Mrs Philpott and the next with Lisa.

Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show, Philpott claimed he was prepared to divorce his wife, marry Lisa, and then divorce her simply so that she would not feel left out because she did not share the Philpott family name.

After the death of his children in the fire, It was reported that Philpott had sought to bully volunteers and control a £15,000 funeral fund raised by the local community in Allenton, Derby, in the aftermath of the tragedy demanding money left over from the ceremony be paid out to him in Argos vouchers. Locals said he treated the fund as an opportunity to “get rich quick.

Family Tree

Mairead Philpott

Mairead and Philpotts in happier times

Mairead is the mother of all six children lost in the fire incident. She was a 19-year-old single mother at “rock bottom” when she met Mick. She told the court she had been abused by her father when she was a young girl, bullied at school and raped while on holiday as a teenager.

At 16, she became pregnant with her first child Duwayne, and her boyfriend left her when he found out. Her next partner was abusive, she said, and gave her black eyes and shaved off her hair so she could not go out.

Mick Philpott, on the other hand, became her “guardian angel”. When she moved in with him, he took on responsibility for Duwayne and proposed to her in hospital after the birth of their first child, Jade.Mairead said Philpott loved her and made her feel safe but he started seeing Lisa Willis, he was willing to use fear to convince her to allow the  teenager into the house.


Her Tattoo; tribute to her children

“Maybe to others it was [unconventional] but to us it was a happy family,” Mairead said. Mairead had previously had sex with other men while her husband watched, and had been doggingwith him – having sex with strangers while others looked on. In one such incident she became pregnant by another man and eventually had a termination.

Her explanation for such behaviour, the court heard, was to make Philpott happy, while she was left feeling disgusting and ashamed.

Heather kehoe

33years old Kehoe revealed how she became his terrified sex slave at the age of 14 when he took her virginity in a sleeping bag by the side of a lake. According to her, Philpott began grooming her when she was only 13.

Heather met Philpott while hanging around with pals at a lake in Rainworth, Notts, where he fished. At the time, Heather was a naive 13-year-old and he was a 37-year-old married dad-of-three. Jealous Philpott set his sights on Heather and made his move a year later after discovering she had a boyfriend.

He gave her booze and plied her with cigarettes which he used to put the pressure on to meet him again and again while he moaned about his “miserable” marriage to then-wife Pamela Lomax.

“I was still 14 when we moved to a physical relationship. He was telling me how much he loved me… He said it was our version of marriage, because I was too young to marry him, but having sex was what was going to make us properly a couple. Because I was dating a boy of my age, it became Mick’s challenge – and he bragged to people, ‘I’m popping her cherry before he does’.”

One afternoon in March 1996 when his wife Pamela Lomax, whom he had married in 1986 and had three children with, found them in bed together and kicked him out. Heather left for Derby with him and within weeks, he became violent towards her when she complained about being “home sick” and asked to return to her parents.

She said Philpott would abuse her as he listened to a song ‘Kim’, by rapper Eminem which is about someone planning to murder an estranged wife. Heather said It became the soundtrack to his mental abuse which was even worse than the physical attacks. “I often knew hours before I took a beating that I was going to get one, because he started playing that song… There was a look in his eye and a nasty smirk on his face.”

At 16, Heather was forced to work while her wages were paid into his bank account She wasn’t allowed any sleep because she had to make up for not having been there during the day. Heather said she was in the early stages of pregnancy when Philpott raped her at knifepoint after she refused his demands for sex. “He grabbed a kitchen knife and said ‘Tell me ‘no’ once more’ and put the knife to my throat. I did not dare say no again,” she said.

Once, just after she had had her second child who was just a week old at the time, Mick held a pillow over his face. “Mick told me that if I ever backchatted him again, I could kiss goodbye to my precious baby. That was the first time I stood up to him. I punched him in the face which made his nose bleed. I got a really bad kicking that night to put me in my place.”

The violence got worse after she refused to give him more children especially as her second child wasn’t the daughter Philpott had longed for. After four years of abuse, Heather fled the family home by jumping over the backyard fence after a blazing row.

She said: “Mick backhanded me hard across the face. He was kicking and punching me and had hold of my hair. Then he told my son to tell Mummy what a naughty b*tch she was. Mick kicked me again and punched me in front of my son. Then my son punched me in the face and tried kicking me in the stomach. Something snapped inside me and I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore, I need to get away and get the kids away from that man’.”

Heather ran to her sister’s house and plucked up the courage to tell police about the abuse. There followed a nine-month legal battle before she finally won custody of her two sons – Mikey, who is now aged 15, and Aidan, now aged 14.

Lisa Willis

Lisa was a 17year old young single mother struggling to get larger council accommodation when she met Philpott. She was the sister of one of his friends. She moved in with  Philpott and Mairead as he suggested. Outwardly, the arrangement seemed to be a happy one but almost from the outset, they started having sex several weeks after she moved into Victory Road.
Lisa told the court Philpott was sometimes violent, including hitting her with a piece of wood and throwing a cup of coffee at her and she prevented from speaking to other men because he was convinced she was having an affair with everyone. Lisa has four biological children with Philpott: Shareen(8), Katrine (7), Kirk(6) and Yawery(5). Her fifth child, Jordan(12), was from another relationship, but was raised by Mr Philpott

In this uncommon situation, an unlikely bond formed; Lisa and Mairead became very close and regularly confided in each other. Lisa said they were like “sisters” – even though they were sharing Philpott on alternate nights. She agreed that although bringing up eleven children in the cramped three-bedroom house was “hectic” and said the kids were “well-fed, happy children” who “loved going to school and loved being at home, and that,  Mairead would “never harm a hair on the head of any child, let alone her own.”

Mairead, Philphott and Lisa
While Lisa and her children were living at the house most of the children normally slept upstairs and Mairead Philpott slept in either the living room or the conservatory. Mick Philpott slept in a caravan outside with Willis. Eventually, she became unhappy with the relationship but she knew that to simply announce to Michael Philpott that she found the relationship setup unacceptable would provoke a singularly unpleasant reaction. So On Saturday 11 February, Willis told him she was taking her children swimming and did not return home.

Although arrested shortly after the fire – when Philpott tried to frame them, Lisa Willis and her brother-in-law was not convicted of any crime. Both were released without charge.

Ex-fiancee -Kim Hill

Mick Philpotts’ ex-fiancee (probably his first intended) Kim Hill says Philpott stabbed her 27 times and left her for dead in back in 1978.

Philpott first met her when she was a 15-year-old schoolgirl and he was a 20-year-old Army recruit. After their relationship began, she claims she was beaten brutally, had bones broken and was repeatedly punched by Philpott. On other occasions, she says, he shot her with a bow and arrow, kneecapped her with a sledgehammer and used a lump hammer against her because her skirt was too short. Miss Hill says she stayed with him because she was petrified of what he would do if she ended the relationship.

The couple got engaged but she finally summoned the courage to break up with him when she turned 17. Philpott broke into her family home at 2am on a July morning before grabbing a knife from a kitchen drawer. He found her asleep in her bed and covered her mouth, waking her up. Miss Hill said:

‘He came in and put his hand on my face and told me to be quiet. I opened my eyes. I thought he was punching me. He went off and I got myself out of bed but I just fell on the floor. The next thing I knew he was attacking me again. He slit my stomach open, all down my back, the tops of my legs and my arms.

He punctured both lungs and went through my liver and my kidney. I was stabbed 27 times all over.  He left me for dead.’ 

Philpott then attacked her mother, stabbed her 11 times and ripped a phone cord from the wall socket to prevent her calling for help. He was finally stopped because Miss Hill’s younger sister Cristal, who was 15 at the time, was also in the house, heard the screams and managed to find another phone to use to call the police.

Kim technically died twice – once in the ambulance on the way to hospital and once on the operating table – but doctors miraculously managed to save her life. She spent eight weeks in intensive care. He was sentenced to seven years in jail for attempted murder and grievous bodily harm with a concurrent five years for attacking her mother.  

He was released after just over three years despite showing no remorse, arguing in court that he meant only to punch his victims and had forgotten he had a knife. He had argued that he was suicidal at the time and got ‘carried away by jealousy’.  Even after conviction, Philpott wrote to Miss Hill, saying he ‘knew she would forgive him’ and asking her to marry him.

She sobbed: “You don’t say no to Mick. He is a monster. He stabbed me 27 times before he ran off and left me for dead.”


Duwayne, 13:  A quiet and caring Derby County fan who loved to go to the match with his dad, playing music and learning the violin. The teenager was his siblings’ protector and was the only one to emerge from the fire still alive but died two days later in hospital. his parents made the difficult decision to let doctors switch off his life support machine.

Jade, 10: The Philpott’s first child together and their only daughter. Teachers said she was intelligent and always smiling. Her parents regarded her as a “little princess”. Her body led the children’s funeral cortege carried by a horse with pink feathers.

John, 9:  Described as a “cheeky comedian” he was another avid Derby County fan said to have had a “daredevil personality” and who dreamed of being a soldier when he was older.

Jack, 8: The Philpott’s “blue-eyed boy” who loved to play on his Nintendo DS and watching Peppa Pig. The quietest of the children, he was described as “cute, cuddly and content with everything”.

Jesse, 6:  Friends said he was fearless and always getting into scrapes with his brothers and coming in from the garden covered from head to toe in dirt. His mother called him her “little Irish stamper” because he was always storming off to his room

Jayden, 5: Described by his mother as a “miracle baby born six weeks premature”. He was found dead in his school uniform because he never liked taking it off. Bouncy and hyperactive, he was mothered by his big sister Jade.

Burial Procession with Jade in the lead
…followed by her brothers.

Tribute to the innocent children who died: the neighbourhood floated lighted chinese lanterns.
Tribute to the innocent children who died: An officer lights a candle on the sidewalk in front of their home
One big happy family

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