“Benin No Dey Carry Last”
If you’ve ever had cause to dispute that popular ‘brag’ before, you just might change your mind after this incredible story featuring a creative(?) Benin boy ‘hitching’ a free ride on an airplane.
Whether it was lack of bus transport fare or the itch to get to his destination FAST, Nigerian teenager, 13 or 14 year old Daniel Ihekina was trying to migrate from his hometown of Benin City to the city of Lagos when he stowed himself away (and neatly we have to say) in the wheel compartment of Arik Air’s plane that was leaving for Lagos at that time on Saturday.
According to reports, Ihekina was spotted on the runway just before takeoff. Passengers and crew alerted the pilots that a boy was seen running to the plane as it was taxiing to take off but how he managed to evade security is remains a mystery and officials from Arik Air are investigating to determine just how a teenager was able to get past security, stow himself away in the wheel compartment of an airplane, and survive a half-hour 200 milesĀ  flight from Benin to Lagos.
Spokesman for Arik Air, Ola Adebanji said “How he got through security is something for the authorities to investigate… He’s lucky to have survived it. Not many people can do that and survive.”
According to Adebanji, the boy probably survived because the flight was short and the plane probably didn’t rise above 25,000 feet.
When the plane arrived in Lagos, Ihekina jumped from the wheel to the ground and practically onto the waiting arms of security personnel at the airport. He has been detained for questioning.