This is a bicycle. The fastest bicycle on earth.

I’m sure you are tempted to ask how is this a bicycle?, where will the cyclist sit? yada yada yada. Errr… I’ll try to tell you what I found out.

The inventors are a group of students from Liverpool University. According to them, the actual bicycle is encased in an aerodynamic outer shell. The shape of the windscreen-less carbon fibre casing is said to be40 times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veyron supercar.

Going at a crazy rate of 90mph, the cyclist will use a camera and computer monitor to see their way as they zoom to smash the 83.1mph record set by a Dutch team in 2012.

Bicycle Evolution: Velox 2 velomobile used by the Dutch team to set the 2012 Record
Design of the Velox 2 velomobile which the Dutch team used to set the 2012 Record

Thankfully this bicycle, dubbed the ARION1,  is painted white and blue. Imagine… if it had been painted an earthy reddish brown colour, it would look lik a giant mutant (and quite alien) earthworm zooming past you on a highway!