The magnificent 2013 Solar Eclipse! Finally!!

Australians looking skywards have managed to snap spectacular photos of an annular eclipse this morning. Eclipses occur when the moon’s orbit moves between the earth and the sun leaving only a small ring of light visible in the sky.Viewers shared pictures of  their extraordinary experience of watching and capturing images of the 2013 Solar Eclipse observable in Australia and other parts of the world on numerous social networking sites.

solar eclipse seen through clouds over Australia -video.

 The Coca Cola Space Science Center broadcasted views from Cape York, Australia of the annular solar eclipse on May 9th, 2013 (May 10- Australia). The minutes before and after totality are seen here – captured from webcast.Credit: Columbus State University’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center –

Although this is the first solar eclipse of 2013, it is by no means the last. A rare hybrid solar eclipse (when an annular eclipse transitions into a total eclipse) will be seen in the northern Atlantic Ocean and into equatorial Africa on Nov. 3.