He's got the rhythm: Gerhard wows the crowd with his movesPsy on stage
The animal kingdom is not about the allow the humans out do them when it comes to the dance rave called the Gangnam-style.
Everybody from President Barack Obama to Madonna (and Obasanjo too… oh yeah, here’s the video) have done it and now, gorillas too.
Photographs of Gerhard, an infant Western Lowland gorilla at Apenheul Zoo in the Netherlands has gone viral. According to reports, he’s been wowing visitors with his own moves inspired by the worldwide dance craze.
The youngster’s bandy legs are an advantage  when it comes to  imitating Gangnam star Psy, and he exuberantly slaps his  hips and waves his arms just like the effervescent South Korean  rapper, Psy.
Perfection: The gorilla apes Psy's routine as he gets into the grooveSouth Korean singer Psy performs on in New York City
Showtime: With his eyes firmly on the camera, Gerhard proves he's a naturalSouth Korean rapper-singer performs in New York

Anything you can do: Gerhard is the epitome of cool - much like the rapperSouth Korean rapper, Psy performs in New York