Selena Gomez had a Funrific {Fun + Terrific}  birthday celebration on Tuesday with new bff Cara Delevingne.

Selena with New Bff Cara and New-found-love (probably) Tommy Chiabra took a leap of joy from a boat’s upper deck into French Riviera in celebration of Selena’s 22nd birthday. The two beauties are having the time of their lives on a sprawling yacht said to be owned by Tommy, off the coast of Saint-Tropez.

The birthday girl showed off her beautiful figure in a white halter-neck swim suit, and screamed in a combination of delight and terror as she plunged into the cool blue water. Selena held hands with Tommy as they jumped off the yatch with Cara following close behind.

Selena, Cara and Tommy leap off a yacht on her birthday
Selena, Cara and Tommy leap off a yacht on her birthday. Photo source:

Tommy Chiabra, an Italian businessman is the founder and chairman of luxury yacht company Royal Yacht.

An overwhelmed Selena later took to Twitter to thank everyone for all the birthday love.

‘Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes -this has been the BEST birthday yet! THANK YOU!!!!,’ she wrote.

Selena tweets thanks fans

She also took to Instagram and posted a picture of her blowing out her huge birthday cake candles.

selena blows out birthday candles

Its obvious Selena had fun.. lots of it, without Justin Bieber (Oops! there… i said it!).

Rumor has it that he didn’t even wish her a Happy birthday. Instead, he took to Instagram posting pictures of models that he didn’t even know (lame)…. Like Selena would notice.