Meet Reporter Ban “The Witch”…

Reporter Ban Ji Yeon is a 39 years old investigative reporter for Troublemaker Magazine. She is so passionate about her work.

As passionate as she is about work, she is so cold hearted. This is due to her past relationship when her groom, a photographer, Noh Shi Hoo, practically left her at the altar and disappeared a day to their wedding. He left her a polar bear picture with which he proposed. Because her colleagues did not know about her past relationship, they called her a witch.

…and Dong Ha “The Poor”?

Yoon Dong Ha is a 25 year old guy who runs a part-time job-center with his friend Yong Soo Cheol. They created an account online where people do contact them for job opportunities. They also dress up and play summer Santa Claus to make a living. Dong Ha also has his own past relationship secrets; he lost his girlfriend to a fatal heart incident. Long before her death, his girlfriend left Dong Ha a dead flower pot n she told him it will blossom again (and yes we know that it will, naturally *lol+rolling my eyes).

How they meet

Now fate brought these two people with sad relationship pasts together. It was on a sunny day when reporter Ban Ji Yeon was investigating a scandal tied to a well-known actor. After she got the needed evidence, a security man started chasing her. Ban Ji Yeon couldn’t get a cab so she got to where Dong Ha was giving out gifts as summer Santa Clause and took his bicycle. She messed up Dong Ha Santa Claus party by telling the kids that Santa is not real (see why she’s called a witch? smh).

Because of this, Dong Ha was not paid for the job, and in turn he couldn’t pay his rent. At the end, he moved in with his friend Soo Cheol, who is actually from a wealthy family, not knowing that Reporter Ban is the next door neighbour.

The said scandal was later published in Troublemaker Magazine. It was a big hit so the director decided to celebrate with the publishing team.  Of course the star of the party, Reporter Ban was present. However, unknowingly to her, her colleagues hired Soo Cheol as a part-time worker to flirt with and disgrace her.

When Dong Ha heard of this, he tried to stop his friend but Soo Cheol wouldn’t budge. He flirted with her and took her on stage to confess “love” to her. He then turned around and disgraced her by saying she is too old; that she should be ashamed of herself.

That day was a sad day for Ban Ji Yeon because it happened to be the same day as when her groom disappeared six years earlier. After Soo Cheol left her on the stage dumbfounded, Dong Ha played knight-in-shining-armor. He (forgot that she cost him his job and house, and) walked up the stage to saved her pride and dignity by confessing love to her and kissed her. Although it was an act, they won a bottle of wine for being such a sweet couple. On their way out, Ban Ji Yeon saw Soo Cheol and told him he was uglier than the shaft of pineapple. Reporter Ban and Dong Ha both end up at Baek-Na-Rae’s shop (reporter Ban’s only friend).

Before now, Reporter Ban’s mother has been pressuring her to date someone. She went to a fortune teller who asked her to bring her daughter. The fortune teller called for Dong Ha to fix her electricity issues. When Dong Ha got there, he dropped his phone in the phone basket and started his work. Reporter Ban later came in with her mom and they dropped their phones too.

It was while he was working that that Dong Ha heard the story about reporter Ban’s past relationship. When reporter Ban was going out, she mistakenly swapped her phone with Dong Ha phone. He later went to collect his phone and met her drinking. He joined her but reporter Ban got really drunk.

Reporter Ban, Dong Ha and how they ignited the spark!

It probably wouldn’t have been a big deal but Reporter Ban has a terrible drinking habit; whenever she gets drunk, she goes on a nightstand with any guy available. Unfortunately for Dong Ha, he was the prey for that night. They almost went through with it when she saw his I.D card and saw that there is fourteen year age gap between them. She became sober sharpaly, stopped and told him to go home and never tell anyone.

As if they don’t have contact enough, Dong Ha happened to work part-time as a personal assistant cum bodyguard for Reporter Ban as she was being threatened by the actor whose scandal she uncovered. It was during their work together that their relationship started growing with affection. When her house got damaged, she moved in with Dong Ha and his friend (how convenient! lol).

Reporter Ban became jealous when a girl at work openly shows her ‘like’ for Dong Ha. Dong Ha settled the issue and, although they never tell each other their feelings, things start going smoothly for both of them.

The sweetness didn’t last long. Things start going bad when Dong Ha confessed his feeling for Reporter Ban at her high school reunion party  and (the very annoying runaway groom) Noh Philip showed up. He spoiled everything by just showing up (and pouring sand into Dong Ha’s garri… aigoo!!).

Reporter Ban later found out runaway-groom had an accident and was in a surgery, that was why he couldn’t make it to the wedding (when I heard this I thought “haba, were you in a 6-year coma too??”). Meanwhile, Reporter Ban had heard a different story from his secretary six years earlier, who had a crush on him. The secretary had lied to Reporter Ban that her groom said she was an obstacle in his career and he left.

Runaway-groom (sorry his name is Nor Philip) and Reporter Ban both decided try again and get married.  They arranged the wedding to take place within a month. This made Dong Ha miserable and begs Reporter Ban to stay with him. Although she loves Dong Ha, she refused to admit it due to their age difference.

Predictably, Dong Ha started drowning his heartbreak in alcohol and lets out steam by taking out his anger on anybody available.

Reporter Ban later broke up the wedding. As if on cue, Dong Ha (sharp boy) confesses to her and they started dating. Ban Ji Yeon resolved the misunderstanding between Dong Ha and his dad who is a director in a big well-known hospital. Father and son reunite and Dong Ha introduce Reporter Ban to his dad who didn’t object to the relationship because his son blamed him for the death of his last girlfriend (flashback to paragraph 3 of this post).

Happily ever after?

Things are going really smoothly when Reporter Ban was given an opportunity to improve further on her investigative reporter aspect. To do this, she has to travel to England for a year. Though she was happy because it was a rare opportunity, she was not sure about what to do because of her boyfriend (Dong Ha). Dong Ha later told her to go; he planned also to go back to school to continue classes because he was medicine student on leave. They both agreed she should go the condition that they have to text and call each other every day.

When it was about two weeks left for Reporter Ban to come back, Dong Ha became worried because she wouldn’t pick her calls or text him. Unknowingly to him, she came back without telling him to make it a big surprise. He was so happy! And finally…… they had a ‘niiiiiice’ night (*winks*).

Reporter Ban’s mum gets married to Troublemaker Magazine Director; Reporter Ban and Dong Ha are bridesmaid and groomsman respectively.

The drama ended here with a lots of laughter and love from Dong Ha and Reporter Ban.

This drama is a nice romantic comedy and sooo touching. Both main leads are awesome and Soo Cheol is a great guy too; so cute!

Anyway, the drama rocks, and the ending is really nice too. I will rate this drama 4.5 because the story seems a little bit unrealistic.

As before, please leave your comments below; if you have watched it, please share your favourite scenes, and if you haven’t… go watch it and tell us what you think!

Until my next K-drama review, I say…. Saranghae!!