I read under special condition -Professor John

Professor John the Returning Officer for Rivers State made a joke of the election result he was to read out. He really had everybody laughing hard. First he made a drama of asking everybody to focus on him, next he asked for a torch to enable him see properly not to mention his funny and silly comments.

The whole comedy started when Professer Jega told advised him to read from the original result but he said he couldn’t read from it because of his eyes.

The Returning officer tried to use his phone to read but he still couldn’t read the figures.

A bigger phone with a brighter flashlight was brought to him and he still couldn’t read it properly.

At some point, Jega asked:  “Prof, i told you to read from the original script”

Professor: I am reading sir

Jega : Yes i know you are reading but not from the original INEC master sheet.

Professor: I read under special condition

Jega: If you cant read it, i can appoint someone to read it for you.

Jega now asked him who wrote the results for him in his other sheet, and he answered that he wrote and typed it himself…

SO the big question is, how come he couldn’t read what he wrote???

As if he wasn’t funny enough, he asked that the podium be moved to a more lighted area! Like seriously?

Eventually a floodlight was brought to him and he was able to see and read (nawa).

Professor Jega already exhausted by the whole drama so far called for a 30min break. Lets hope we get more comic relief as the day goes by.