“My life philosophy has been to be bold and courageous” -Alysia Montano

28 years old Alysia Montano is a five-time USA middle distance runner champion who distinguishes herself by wearing a flower in her hair while running.

At this year’s championships, , Alysia Montano shocked family, fans and the whole nation by competing in all her 8 months pregnancy glory!


Running with her signature flower tucked in her hair and protruding belly, Alysia Montano enjoyed herself on the tracks and did not overdo it. She came in last in the 800-meter qualifying race at the U.S. Championships but she still had the crowd cheering.

After Montano’s race at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, Calif., on Thursday night, Twitter users praised the mom-to-be.

It took Alysia Montano 2 minutes 32 seconds to cross the finish line [with her feet though not her belly] which is 35 seconds slower than her personal best time of 1:57.34 at a race in Monaco four years ago.

Montano disclosed to reporters after her race that her doctor said she was safe to run.

“I’ve been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process,” -Alysia Montano