Polikem -Pokello and Elikem deny speculations and rumours making rounds that their fairy-tale love has ended.

Polikem is a fond nickname for the two lovebirds who met during the Big Brother Africa 2013 show. According to the a publication released by Graphic Showbiz , the reason for Polikem split is a 28-year-old fashion designer and Real Estate Manager, Theresa Onnen who was said to be preggie with Elikem’s baby.

BIG Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem have split and the “fairytale” love affair which had won the couple considerable admiration in both Ghana and Zimbabwe has collapsed, Graphic Showbiz has learnt.

Elikem confirmed the break-up to Graphic Showbiz on Sunday, but refused to give details.

However, Graphic Showbiz has learnt that Elikem is now dating a 28-year-old fashion designer, Theresa Boateng, who came from Germany a month ago to sell her clothing line in Accra.

Indeed, Elikem and Theresa shared the catwalk when the show opened at the Royal Richester.

Theresa has been very candid about her relationship with Elikem. She confirmed to Graphic Showbiz over the phone that she and Elikem were dating and she would soon return to Germany where she lives.

She dropped a surprise hint that she was pregnant for Elikem.

“I am two weeks pregnant for Elikem. We fell in love the very first day I met him at the launch of my clothing line, of which he was part of the models. We exchanged numbers and we started a relationship from there.

“It is barely a month since we got to know each other, but anyone who has seen us together would think we have been dating for more than two years simply because we click,” she said.

According to Theresa, Elikem is mature enough to take decisions by himself.

“I don’t know why anyone should have problems with me. For some days now, family members of Elikem and friends of Pokello have been disturbing me with phone calls to stay away from Elikem, but all I tell them is we are in love and no one can stop us”.

Asked whether she had spoken to Pokello, Theresa said Pokello rather called her insulting her and asking her to “leave her boyfriend alone”.

A mother of two, Theresa said Elikem was the best person to decide whom he wants to be with and once Elikem had settled on her, there was nothing anyone could do to change her mind.

“If Elikem tells me he is no more interested in me, then I will understand that I am the loser and back off, but for now, we are happy together.” — Graphic Showbiz/entertainmentinghana.com

Theresa was amazed at the rumours and denied them all. She stated that it’s been barely a month since she got to know Elikem as he modelled for her fashion show.

“What I have with Elikem is purely business and nothing more; since I’m somehow new in the country he is helping me with some stuff and my rounds around. I am trying to get a shop since I will be moving to Ghana with my mum and two children in April and a whole lot of other things.

“Though I have been separated from my husband for about six months now, we are not legally divorced as we are still working on it, so I don’t need any man or Elikem in my life at this moment,”

Elikem on his own part has no idea why such rumors will crop up in the first place as he is still very much in love with Pokello. He asked that people should quit peddling lies and misinformation.

“Nothing will make me change my mind from Pokello, we love each other and I don’t intend to leave her for any woman,” he affirmed.

Wishing team Polikem all the best as they face these challenges in their love story.