Taskirat Anjolaiya and her baby knocked down by policeman passing one-way

Sometime in June this year, a policeman knocked down a woman and her baby while driving against traffic on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

According to the reports, the woman, Taskirat Anjolaiya had just alighted from a commercial bus and hadn’t noticed the police patrol van approaching from the wrong direction.

The policeman named Friday was said to have been in a hurry to drop off someone at the airport. In order to avoid traffic congestion which could lead to missed flight, he decided to take a one-way lane and drive against the traffic.

Friday immediately rushed the victims to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and then deposited a sum of N70,000 for their treatment.

According to Punch, Anjolaiya is reported to have sustained a brain injury, pelvic fracture, and facial bruises from the accident while her baby girl, Ammarah, suffered a broken jaw and deep facial cuts.

Sulaiman Anjolaiya, husband and father to the victims disclosed that apart from the initial deposit of N70,000 paid, no further assistance has come from the culprit and/or the police body.

He has spent over N500,000 on his wife and daughter’s treatment since the incident.