Dear Bride-To-Be, you’ve got to pay $500 before you can try out this Vera Wang’s wedding gown!

Oh yeah… you heard me right! That the New York-based bridal gown designer, Vera Wang, opened her first boutique in mainland China last month in Shanghai where both her parents were born does not mean she is showing Chinese customers any special preference. In fact, the reverse is the case!

The new boutique has become the target of criticism because of the $482 (3,000 yuan) deposit charge just for the privilege of trying on the dresses. For this price, brides-to-be get a 90-minute slot (after several weeks of notice to book an appointment of course!) to test the merchandise. if they buy a dress, the money will be deducted from its price tag. Otherwise, say byebye to the money baby!

This may seem extreme or even ridiculous but we know too well just how fast ‘Made in China’ goods hit the market and how they sell like hot potatoes at giveaway price. Since the Chinese boutique is Wang’s only storefront charging such a fee, it is only obvious the policy is to protect her trademarks and designs.