OwnFone techy turnarounds for the visually impaired!

If you thought it was still a dozen more years for phones for the blind to come, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise! London-based British company OwnFone has released a 3D printed Braille phone for the visually impaired.

Since OwnFone first launched one of the world’s first custom 3D printed mobile phone in 2012, it wowed the world (well world’s parents) when it first launched 1stFone, the simplest handset for kids last year.

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The device comes in two choices for the visually impaired who know Braille and for those who don’t. As with their other phone releases, the button interface can be customized to display the functions mentioned on the keys in raised text or Braille.

Also, only numbers programmed into the device according the details provided to the manufacturer at the time of ordering can be called.

Currently, the Braille phones by OwnFone costs £60.