Orubebe accuses Jega of bias

Orubebe, a former minister created an embarrassing drama while the River State Prof provided the comic relief of the day. is there a candid camera there or what?

At about 11:30am when the commission was about resuming the election announcement session, Orubebe stepped up the stage, took up the microphone and accused Professor Attahiru Jega of partiality in favour of the opposition party.

Orubebe accused Jega of giving attention to a petition by the All Progressives Congress (APC) concerning the conduct of the elections in Rivers State, and immediately setting up an investigation panel. He said Jega was yet to attend to the complaint by the PDP about malpractices in Kano, Jigawa and Yobe states. He accused Jega of bias as he has attended to a similar complaint by the All Progressives Congress regarding Rivers State.

He raised his voice high saying:

“Let the world know that Jega is partial, he is selective, we have lost confidence in you”. “Rubbish! Rubbish, Rubbish!!!” he yelled.

All efforts to pacify Orubebe proved abortive. He sat on the floor at the podium saying all sorts as everyone watched in bewilderment, shock and disappointment.

Jega, who had maintained a calm demur responded to his allegations saying the Minister should be careful of the things he says and his conduct. (Quiet impressed with his composure. Good job Jega!)