Microsoft’s OneDrive is finally here!!

Microsoft has completed the transition of its SkyDrive cloud storage service to its new branding, known as OneDrive.

Activated on  Wednesday, users of SkyDrive were redirected to the newly lauched OneDrive site with all their SkyDrive users’ bytes intact.

Microsoft awarded the first 100,000 users who accessed OneDrive 100GB of free storage!!! The condition, however, is that the extra gigabytes have a 12 months expiry date after which customers must either start paying for them or lose them (bleh!).

OneDrive users with Android devices can also receive an additional 3GB of permanent storage if they enroll in the service’s new automatic camera backup feature, which stores photos online as soon as they’re snapped.

In addition, Microsoft will dole out another 500MB of free storage for each new friend that current users refer to the service, up to a maximum of 5GB.

With all these free cloud storage up for grabs, I’m (pleasantly) surprised you made it to the end of this article. 😉