Renown photographer JD ‘Okhai’ Ojeikere, best known for photographing unique hairstyles found in Nigeria has died.

According to report, the 83-year-old passed away on Sunday afternoon after a short illness.

What Ojeikere is well known for is his series of about 1,000 black and white photos of African hairstyles over time. These and  his pictures of some of the now iconic buildings like (the National Theatre) of capital city Lagos as they were being built, led to his work receiving global attention.

JD 'Okhai’ Ojeikere


JD 'Okhai’ Ojeikere
J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere: Lagos skyline overlooking the New Marina, 1982. Photo: Foto Ojeikere


In an interview with the BBC in 2010, Ojeikere who began working on his Hairstyle series in the late 1960s after he joined the Nigerian Arts Council, said:

“We had so many dreams at the time… We thought a country so rich in natural resources could really go ahead on its own. But our dreams were shattered by tribalism. Then came the military dictatorships, one after another, for so many years. It makes me sad to think that things have not changed much. You see the same elites holding on to power and getting richer and richer,”

#RIP  JD ‘Okhai’ Ojeikere!