North Korea calls Barack Obama ‘monkey’

North Korea suffered a new Internet outage on Saturday shortly after calling US President Barack Obama a “monkey” over the release of a comedy film about a fictional plot to kill its leader.

The latest shutdown came after the isolated dictatorship’s powerful National Defence Commission (NDC) threatened “inescapable deadly blows” over the film and accused the US of “disturbing the Internet operation” of media outlets after a blackout earlier this week.

The cause of the outages of the country’s already limited Internet access has not been confirmed.

The earlier shutdown triggered speculation that US authorities may have launched a cyber-attack in retaliation for the hacking of Sony Pictures – the studio behind “The Interview” – which Washington said Pyongyang was behind.

The NDC accused Obama of taking the lead in encouraging cinemas to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day. Sony had initially cancelled its release after major US cinema chains said they would not show it, following threats by hackers aimed at cinemagoers.

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” a spokesman for the NDC’s policy department said in a statement published by the officialKCNA news agency.

“If the US persists in American-style arrogant, high-handed and gangster-like arbitrary practices despite (North Korea’s) repeated warnings, the US should bear in mind that its failed political affairs will face inescapable deadly blows,” the spokesman said.

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