*Nigerians in Protests MURDER of 24 year old Nigerian

**Clashes with India Police

All hell broke loose last Thursday when a group of Nigerians  allegedly attacked a police vehicle carrying the body of a Nigerian who was said to have been stabbed to death in Goa -India, removed the body from the van and kept it on the road, and formed some sorts of blockade in that area, demanding the presence of Nigerian consular officials for the autopsy proceedings.

The clash had 53 Nigerians detained and 2 recovering in the hospital.

Although the Chief of India’s Goa State, Manohar Parrikar at first said the murder would be investigated, he later claimed that the murder was a result of a war between two narcotics gangs. He described the attack on the Police as illegal and said that the state had booked a case on the issue. 

It came as a shock to many Nigerians in India when the police started going from home to home in places where Nigerians resided and forcibly evicting them.This was as a result of a verification process started by the Goa government for inspection of documents of all foreign nationals living in Goa, after the highway violence

“We have questioned a lot of Nigerians and were verifying their documents. Most of them have only photo copies of their passports and visas. We are going to ask the Nigerian embassy to verify these documents,” Parrikar said.

On Monday (4th), Consular Attache, Jacob Nwadadia warned that thousands of Indians in Nigeria will be treated with the same regard if police doesn’t stop evicting Nigerians from their rented homes in Goa with immediate effect.

“They are evicting Nigerians forcibly. There is no rule of law… There are only 50,000 Nigerians living in India but there are over one million Indians living in Nigeria. Thousands of Indians living there will be thrown out on the streets if forcible eviction of Nigerians in Goa does not stop,” Jacob said.

One 24 year old Nigeria lady, Chioma Ghansoli was distraught over the tide of hostility that swiftly swept over the town where the indigenes have quickly made it a sport to target the Africans in their midst.

“My landlord said all the ‘blacks’ had to be evicted on police instructions. I have nowhere to go in Goa. Me and my friends will spend the night at the beach tonight with our luggage,” she said.