Our Military Has Gone Made Again!

Professor Wole Soyinka has charged the government to make a scape-goat of members of the Nigerian Military who were responsible for attacking and threatening the lives of civilians three days ago.

on Friday, a soldier who was riding on a restricted BRT bus lane at the Onipanu area of Lagos State was accidentally knocked down and killed. Not long after, some military men from yaba rushed to the scene, and after finding out the cause of their fellow soldier’s death, proceeded on on mass attack of everyone nearby. They beat civilians including journalists, vandalized and burnt other BRT buses that were  within sight.

Speaking at a function held in Lagos, Soyinka condemned the reckless and vindictive act of the military men and tagged them “as allies of Boko Haram”

“Our military has gone mad again. Totally out of control, treacherous because they’re attacking civilians rather than protecting civilians, simply because of a collective, that is selective, mentally wound on their ego.

“But when they turn around on citizens simply because one of them was accidentally killed on the road, then I have to consider them as allies of Boko Haram.

“So I demand on the Commander in Chief himself, the sense and exhibition of responsibility to us here who are not armed, we want an example made. Somebody somewhere is guilty of this assault on our security. The criminals must be punished.

“They must be made to understand that even though they lay their lives on the line, they are sustained by the resources and the will of this nation”