Guess who else is in Ariana Grande’s video???

Our favorite sweet-faced Mariah-like-voice singer is back with a new video! Playing on a modern day Romeo and Juliet-themed visual, Ariana Grande finally dropped the visual for her chart-topping single, “Right There” featuring Big Sean.

Ariana plays the part of the innocent Juliet as she attends a masquerade ball, and her Romeo was played by famous Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 20-year-old model/actor son, Patrick. Some people expected her to use her boyfriend Nathan Sykes as Romeo.

The short story puts a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet, but thankfully it doesn’t have the same tragic ending!

If you have seen this video, or listened to any of Ariana’s song (like “The Way” ft Mac Miller or “Baby”) wouldn’t you agree with me that she sounds like Mariah Carey? She sings like Mariah (with a four-octave range and an abiding passion for super high melismas). She also seem to employ the same lovesick, soft easy flow lyrics as Mariah. The styles of her musical videos are also similar to Carey’s as she shares Mariah’s affinity for Damsel-in-Distress and over-the-top-princess-hanging-out-in-mansions video concepts.

This particular video finds Ariana hitting her high notes in a teen Cinderella-meets-Halloween high school dance situation, where Patrick Schwarzenegger plays her love interest and Big Sean, for reasons we will never, ever, understand, plays a priest.

She just might be the new Mariah just like Miley is opting to be the new Madonna/Britney Spears. (Oops!)

The track is catchy and Grande knows her way around a vocal whorl, so here’s hoping that MamaDiva takes BabyDiva under her wings and teaches her the ways of the glittery diva.

Its soooo refreshing to watch and listen to this talented cutie. Let’s hope Ariana keeps this age-appropriateness up. Unlike other 20-year-old former TV stars who are taking their clothes off and twerking for the gawds! [Shh…]