San Francisco’s designer Randy Sarafan has created a bra that can be undone simply by clapping. The battery-powered design uses an electromagnet that controls a switch which opens the clasp of the bra when someone claps nearby.
He was inspired by the weird and wonderful hi-tech bras found in Syrian bazaars and has created a step-by-step guide on how to make your own. Sarafan says, “The first time I read about Syrian Lingerie I was quite moved. It became my mission to fast-forward lingerie technology in the West. I figured the first step in this critical mission was to replicate some of the advancements made in Syria.
The article of lingerie that resonated most with my inner sensibilities was the clap-off bra.”
Although created as a novelty item, Sarafan’s technology could be used by arthritis sufferers as well as people with physical disabilities. However for normal users, make sure not to wear it when going to the next award function!
How to make your own?
Cut the clasp off of the bra. Carefully break open the casing for the relay to expose the electromagnet. Put your relay into the centre of a prototype circuit board and make cut marks around the outline of the relay. Cut two prototype circuit boards to size.
One board should have a 1/4 trimmed off of each long end, such that you are a left with a long strip. The other board should be cut to a small square using the markings you made in the outline of the relay. Put together the circuit using the 28-pin socket in place of the ATMEGA168 chip.
Cut the ends off a USB cable to leave a section of cable roughly 6″ to 8″ long.
Cut a small bow-tie shaped section of fabric that will fold over the front of the bra – the part the clamp is attached to.
In the centre of this bow-tie cut a small opening and fasten a grommet.
Insert a bolt through the grommet from the back towards the front and fasten it with a nut.
source: dnaindia