Native and Vogue season 2 – “Possibilities live here’’ (Dare to dream!)

From the 19th – 21st of September 2014, Port-Harcourt Nigeria will host both the local and international fashion movers and shakers in a three day display of the vibrant Nigerian and African fashion style.

Native and Vogue Port-Harcourt International Fashion Week is the most creative and innovative fashion event in West Africa. It is an assembly of top designers and models across Africa, to celebrate the totality of African Fashion.

The event will also afford emerging designers and upcoming models the opportunity (via competitions) to make their dreams come true and show what they are made of.

The competitions for the “Face of Native and vogue” and the “Young Designers Competition” aims to encourage, inspire and strengthen emerging designers through mentor-ship initiatives scholarships and cash prices. Each year, aspiring models and designers send in their entries for the competitions. Entries are judged based uniqueness in style, originality and creativity.

To participate in Native and Vogue’s “Young Designers Competition”;

Applicants must be a designer between ages 18 and 30
Applicants must be from River State or reside in Rivers State
Meeting the requirements above, applicants should forward the following details to
1. Five (5) different pictures showcasing applicant’s work
2. Applicant’s profile
3. Applicant’s  name and photograph

Prizes to be won
1. Scholarship to an international fashion school
2. One year mentor-ship with a renowned fashion designers
3. Automatic FADAN membership
4. Fashion designs in notable fashion magazines

To participate in the Native and Vogue’s “Face of Native and Vogue”:

Applicants must be an upcoming model between ages 15 and 25
Applicants must be an indigene Rivers State
Applicants must have a minimum heights of  5’11 (male models) and 5’9 (female models)
Meeting the requirements above, applicants should forward the following details to
1. Five (5) pictures of applicant
2. Applicant’s profile, and contact details
3. Applicants should then upload their  pictures on the Native and Vogue facebook page and get friends to like the page.

Entries  for participation in the competition closes on the August 6, 2014. Visit and for more information.