Mysterious Crater in Siberia: Flying saucers, meteorite or…?

A ginormous crater has mysteriously appeared in a remote part of Siberia.

The crater is said to be about 260 feet wide and of unknown depth. Looking at the crater, it looks like the kind one sees in alien invasion movies (e.g War of the Worlds and the likes), however, the Russian government insists that it has nothing to do with UFOs -Unidentified Flying Objects.

Although the Russian government are definite “that it is not a meteorite,” and that they have “No details yet,” they do have an official theory as to what caused the crater to appear.

photo by: AP Photo/Associated Press Television

According Anna Kurchatova from Russia’s Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre, a mixture of water, salt and gas could have formed underground due to melting permafrost as a result of global warming. This could then have ignited, with the resulting underground pressure causing the earth above to erupt with an effect “like the popping of a champagne cork”.