Hey people!!! Remember Hostgator Dotcom The Human Billboard who sells ad space on his body? Well check out Mohawk Gaz!!

Mohawk Gaz
Florida Native, 31-year-old Mohawk Gaz whose real name is Gasmy Joseph has rocked the Mohawk hairstyle for many years however, the ‘turning point’ in his life occurred about a year ago when a friend of his asked him to spread the word about his birthday party.

In his shoes, I would have taken to something as mundane as bbm, texting, calling, all the social media known and unknown, etcetera… etcetera. Instead Gaz thought of spray-painting the event on his his hairdo for everyone to see! 

Ever since then, his hair has become an attention grabbing, head-turning advertising space! Can you miss that?!!! 

Oh well, enough said! Check out these pictures already. Feel free to share what you think!!