Miss Sahara, a Transgender, hopes to win competition to enlighten people on transgender issues

Miss Sahhara (full name Iris Sahhara Henson) has announced that she will be representing Nigeria at the Super Sireyna of Eat Bulaga competition, a transgender pageant holding in the Philippines.

Oh yes, you heard right!

Looking at the drop dead gorgeous Miss Sahhara, it’s definitely hard to imagine that she’s a transgender or that she was born a man. Her transition was not easy. She revealed in an article she wrote several years ago that despite her harrowing experience, she is now proud and free.

miss sahhara

Ms Sahhara shared some new photos of herself and a video on her facebook page to back her announcement to compete in, and hopefully, win the Super Sireyna of Eat Bulaga competition.

“I will do all my best to teach people more about transgender issues, who we are and where we come from because there is this huge misconception around the issues that surrounds transgender people.

miss sahhara

We are not to be afraid of. We are not immoral. We are human beings, we have blood running in our vein and we pray you give us the chance and understanding and love that you give your fellow human beings because we are one of you” -Miss Sahhara