Is Miley bi-sexual?

Miley, has been doing a lot of kissing lately especially with girls. Her latest public smooch session with Katy perry has left many wondering if Miley is bi-sexual.

Miley’s first kissing spree started in December; she posted a pic of her kissing Cara Delevingne on Twitter. Cara Delevingne who is bisexual is currently dating Michelle Rodriguez, but the scandalous pic was taken before they started dating.

The suggestive pic did raise eyebrows but it appears Miley just kisses all of her friends!

Most recently, Miley made out with Katy Perry during her concert on Feb. 22 in LA. A close friend of Miley allegedly said “She does these things because it’s these wild moments that have been a fixture for her career success,” the source told us. “She isn’t afraid to hook up with a girl but she doesn’t pursue girls in her private life. It’s all about guys for Miley. That is not to say she wouldn’t have a girl join in the bedroom but she doesn’t consider herself bi-sexual.”

Inspite of her lip adventure with girls, Miley is still into guyz too, not too long ago she hooked up with Kellan Lutz. Miley is over-the-top with everything she does, It’s safe to say she’s not bisexual but she just likes doing crazy things!