Meaghan Hudson lied to loved ones that she has been suffering from multiple myeloma

Cancer is not a situation that people want to dream about or joke about. But there’s someone who would lie that she has terminal cancer?? I mean, who does that?

Someone like Meaghan Hudson, apparently.

25 year old Meaghan Hudson is currently facing felony charges after being accused of faking cancer and taking donations.

The whole situation is shocking (and sad too) as Meaghan Hudson friends actually believed she had terminal cancer. Because Meaghan had her hair shaved, they believed it was because it fell out after chemotherapy and was just growing back.

To show support for their “terminally ill” friend, some of them shaved off their hair, got matching tattoos and donated money and raised funds for her treatment.

Meaghan’s family who lived far away from her in another State also bought the nasty joke hook, line and sinker. They even went as far as to create an online fundraising page for her, which raised a sum of $5,000 from 83 people.

Hudson was anonymously reported to Crimestoppers. When the detectives questioned her, she eventually confessed to her lies. Everyone was devastated. most especially her family.

Hudson’s step-mother took to the fundraising page in August and apologized to everyone who’s been of support. she wrote:

“… she has deceived her family and friends into believing she has been suffering from multiple myeloma for over a year now. She is not sick …”
And that nursing degree?

“Everything out of her mouth, I went to college, I’m a nurse, I’m this, I’m this, just lie and lie after lie after lie after lie,”

I wonder what would have happened if a skeptical someone who felt the story didn’t add up hadn’t anonymously called Crimestoppers.

Would she have continued faking it, miraculously gotten healed or eventually staged her ‘death’?