Lady Gaga ‘Do What You want’ video scrapped due to sexual assault controversy

Lady Gaga reportedly pulled the plug on her yet to be released music video Do What You Want because of the controversy clouding its making.

In the video, Lady Gaga is seen laying on a hospital bed while the doctor, R. Kelly reaches under her sheet to fix only-God-Knows-what. To whatever was done beneath the covers, she moans then passes out and an orgy-like party starts on top of her body.

Shortly after, maybe in that place between and betwixt where people go after they receive anesthetic, Lady Gaga is seen prancing and writhing naked, touching herself all over and doing sorry things to the poor floor while being snapped by Terry Richardson.

So the video is pretty graphic and sexual… so what?

Well, according to TMZ, the controversy lies in the fact that although he was acquitted on all charges, the good doctor R.Kelly was once on trial for kiddie porn. Also, Richardson, who is her director is in a swirl of controversy over allegedly sexually assaulting or harassing his models. Of course, he has denied these claims

Apparently, Lady Gaga had no idea of what her director was doing behind closed doors. After finding out, it didn’t go down well with her to release the video.

Watch a sneak shot from the controversial video below courtesy of TMZ.