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This is my first time writing a review but really, after all those hours of staying glued to the TV and watching my handsome Oppas (daebak!), I thought… why not do this and share with friends?? And here I am, writing (fighting!!).

The King of Dramas is a drama (sic) that really had me glued to my seat. So full of plots and twists; it is very unpredictable.

The King of Dramas is about Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) whose real name is Kim Bong Deal. Anthony Kim, who has a blind mother, is from a really poor family but he decided not to belittle himself to his background. He travelled to the United States and made a resolution to forget his past.

Anthony Kim came back to Korea with a fake background -as a guy with a massive inheritance. He became the CEO of Empire Productions, a drama production company. He became a CEO that would do anything and everything for the sake of money and drama. He became well-known as having a Midas touch because he produced a lot of hit drama and Hallyu stars. However, things became bad for him when a man died in an accident because of his one of his dramas. His fame and reputation was tarnished and he was fired. Then things really went downhill and really messy. Three years later, one of his hobae (junior) became the new CEO of Empire Productions.

This was a wake-up call for him. Anthony Kim decided to make a comeback to drama industry, so he launched his own small company -World Productions. Because he was so poor, he needed writer Lee (Jung Ryeo Won) to help write a smashing drama. At first writer Lee wanted nothing to do with him because they had had a bad fight 3 years earlier. She later agreed to help.

The collaboration of the two birthed the new drama “Morning Keijo” for the comeback of once great Anthony Kim and the debut of  writer Lee. He found a sponsor in Japan, a well-known rich man named Watambe, and signed a contract with him under a condition that the drama must be aired within the year. Anthony Kim, being a brilliant person, knew that it was a big risk because it was getting to the end of the year already. But being blinded by his “big comeback”, he signed the contract.

Later in the day after signing the contract, he was wandering around Mr Watambe’s compound when he witnessed Mr Watambe murdering a man for breaking his promise. This became his motivation and made him more focused on the drama because as bad as things were, he didn’t want to die.

Anthony Kim went back to South Korea and the preparations for the drama “Morning of Keijo” started. A slot for the drama to air on SBC became a battle between Anthony Kim and the new CEO of Empire production. However, for either of them to get the much wanted slot, they would need Hallyu star Kang Hyun Min (Siwon). This leads to another battle on who would get him first. Luckily, Kang Hyun Min agreed to work with Anthony Kim which got them the slot on SBC.

Kang Hyun Min is an actor who is full of himself and loves money. He never ever jokes with his money. Paired with Kang Hyun Min in the drama is Sung Min Ah (Oh Ji Eun) a prickly actress who hates him. Although this brings a sort of romance, Sung Min Ah had had a past relation with Anthony Kim. She decided to act in the drama ”Morning of Keijo” with the hope of getting Anthony Kim’s love back.

As in a typical k-drama with many looping love triangles, Anthony Kim finds himself falling in love with writer Lee. So much to the extent that he lost a contract worth a lot of money because he had to take her to the hospital.  As a man to whom money used to be everything and sweet romance was nothing, it was unusual. As a result, writer Lee started falling in love with Anthony. When a woman came from nowhere and claimed that the script of “Morning of Keijo” was stolen from her novel, Anthony Kim stood up for writer Lee. He said;

“I did not believe in myself, I do not believe others, but I believe you writer Lee”

Things were going on smoothly when Anthony Kim’s vision started getting blurry. He went to the hospital and it was confirmed that he had a hereditary disease which he inherited from his mother. He had wanted to make a love confession to writer Lee before but he rather dropped a killing bomb and employee-zoned her by saying;

“I never liked you. You’re just my writer.”

This makes writer Lee put all the things that have been happening together, and eventually, she found out about his disease. When she confronted him about it, he told her that very soon he would be blind. It was quite touching when he says to her;

“I won’t know when you’re smiling or not. I won’t see your face. I won’t be able to watch the drama I made. I won’t be able to see your script!”

Writer Lee replied him and said “Kinchanayo…” which means it is okay. She said “I’m okay with anything and everything”.

They made up and sealed their confession scene with a kiss.

On the day of the last episode of “Morning of Keijo” was about to air, Anthony Kim had an appointment in United States for his eye disease. He got to the airport with writer Lee. After checking his passport and was about to get on the plane, he got a call and was told that actress Sung Min Ah could not make it to the shooting scene. From the airport, he went to the shooting location few minutes later, Sung Min came in.

They finally wrapped up the last episodes but it had to be delivered to SBC for it to be aired. They had only a few minutes left to deliver it so Anthony Kim decided to deliver the last episode to SBC himself, with his PD who was driving. On their way to SBC, they had an accident. Anthony was badly hurt but he gave the drama to his PD to deliver it to SBC. Even at d point of death, drama came first to Anthony. He was rushed to the hospital. Writer Lee went to the hospital after she got a call about his accident. Anthony Kim was taken to the emergency room and after sometime, he stopped breathing.

By now, writer Lee had started crying really hard. When she touched him with the hand of love, (wan jeon daebak! Lol!!) he woke up.

One year later, Kang Hyun Min and Sung Min Ah are now a real celebrity couple, doing adverts and photo shoots together. Anthony Kim and a now well-known writer Lee are married. Anthony Kim is now a blind man but a cool one (lol!). He still remains the great King of Dramas, Anthony Kim (AK).

Soooooooo…. that’s all the juice guys! I really like this drama a lot, and, although I’m a sucker for happily-ever-afters, I really like the fact that there was no two seconds miracle in this drama (like, maybe he woke up after the accident and his eyes are back to normal). I do wish there was a miracle though, but it is more realistic that he went blind.

What do I rate this drama? I will score it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Even though it is not really romance drama, it really kept me glued to my seat, I didn’t without skip any part. it is a wonderful story.  Although the last scene is pretty nice,  I believe this drama deserves a cuter ending.

Please leave your comments below; if you have watched it, please share your favourite scenes, and if you haven’t, I think you should. It is a must watch drama, you won’t know how much you’re missing until you watch it. Share the happiness in K-dramas 🙂

Until my next K-drama review, I say…. Saranghae!!