366089-karl-lagerfeldAfter years and years of speculations and confusion, German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has finally revealed his age as 77.

The designer has often dodged questions about his age and even made fun of the whole issue. He threw a party in 2008 to celebrate his 70th birthday following which the issue died down for some time. But mocking all those who thought that he had disclosed his age then, Lagerfeld threw another bash to celebrate his 79th birthday just four years later.

At last it looks like the speculations will be put to rest as the creative director of French fashion house Chanel said he was born in 1935, instead of the assumed 1933 or 1938 during an interview with Paris Match. “1935. My mother had changed the date. It was easier to make a 3 or an 8,” Lagerfeld said.

Twitter has been abuzz with posts about the designer’s revelations about his age.

@tiali1688 – “Karl Lagerfeld FINALLY reveals his age as 77″. I always saw him as an immortal Count Dracula-ish genius.”

@mcarthurjoseph – “Taking a note from Karl Lagerfeld. I won’t reveal my age until I’m 80 and the head of a luxury label.”

Well, we hope that this time he is serious and doesn’t throw a bash soon to celebrate his 75th birthday fooling all his fans once again.

Lagerfeld also opened up about how his parents and his childhood. He explained that his parents never put restrictions on him. He also revealed that his mother loved reading books and was immersed in them most of the time.

Speaking of the time he asked his mother what homosexuality was, he explained that she was extremely unprejudiced. “It’s like a hair color. It’s nothing, it’s not a problem. I am fortunate to have had very open minded parents,” he added.