Justin just can’t get enough of trouble

Justin Bieber just likes hunting for trouble and vise versa! His security guard, Hensy and driver are under arrest for stealing a photographer’s camera at a fun house in Atlanta.

Justin had moved into a 4-bedroom spaceship-looking home in Atlanta which he rented from record producer Dallas Austin (two weeks ago) for 3 months. He had later rented out an amusement park on Tuesday afternoon just to have fun.

While he was inside, a member of his security team went outside to his Escalade and told waiting paparazzi to stay calm because Justin was about to come out.

However, the security guy ended up losing his own calm for reasons unknown with one of the photographers; he grabbed the guy’s camera and handed it to the driver. The security guy then allegedly jumped in the car and told the driver to take off.

The photographer, Winslow, followed the vehicle to Justin’s house and called the Cops. When the Cops arrived, they searched the house and found the camera which they returned to the photographer.

Hensy admitted to taking a camera from the photographer but only to delete the photos the photographer had taken of Justin outside an arcade according to police documents released Wednesday.

According to a police report released later, it was revealed that photographer Jason Winslow was in a parking lot outside the Sandy Springs Funhouse family entertainment complex when security guard Hugo Hesny told him to leave. Winslow however, continued to shoot photos from farther away.

Hesny then chased him, cut him off, opened the door of Winslow’s vehicle, took Winslow’s camera and drove away.

The guard and the driver were arrested for felony theft.

Law enforcement sources said Cops removed 2 backpacks from the Escalade but fortunately (for Justin) they didn’t find any contraband.

We wonder what they were hoping to find. Justin wouldn’t be stupid to have weeds in those bags would he? Because In Georgia, possession of a tiny bit of weed is a misdemeanor that can land you in jail for 1 year. And, if it’s more than an ounce, it becomes a Felony and the maximum penalty is 10 YEARS BEHIND BARS. Even the tiniest bit of codeine that wasn’t prescribed to you can land you in prison for 15 YEARS.

Justin is like a trouble magnet…..he needs to watch the company he keeps and the people he employs.