Nigerians demand that Jim Iyke should be quarantined!

Since the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, only God knows what Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, has been doing in Liberia for him to stay put there.

However on Wednesday, the Unscripted star took to Twitter to post a picture of himself ‘fleeing’ Liberia.

Wearing a fancy looking face mask and sitting in the first class lounge of the Monrovia airport he took a ‘selfie’ and posted it to twitter saying;

” Monrovia, unfinished biz; Leavin tonite. Nt ashamed to admit tis ish scares the Jesus outta me. #Ebola!!!!”

Obviously Jim Iyke tweeted that, when he was set to flee Liberia to the bosom of Nigeria. But following the death of Liberian, Pat Sawyer, who died of virus Ebola at a Lagos hospital in Nigeria, Jim Iyke’s tweet only sparked a range of reactions from Nigerians.

While some mocked him that he chose to wear a mask when the disease has not been said to be airborne instead of wearing protective clothing, others demanded that Jim Iyke must be quarantined and tested regardless of his celebrity status.