Paris reunites with motherimg_5707113_340

Late (King Of Pop) Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris reunited with her mother Debbie Rowe on her 15th birthday. Paris was recently allowed to see her mother again after Jackson’s death in 2009.

Debbie Rowe had met Jackson when he was being treated for a skin problem and they got married in 1996. After the couple’s  divorce in 1999, Rowe gave up all rights to see the kids in 2001 as Jackson was granted full custody of Paris and her brother Prince, 16. However, the children’s new guardian, Jackson’s mother Katherine (82) has allowed Rowe access to the kids.

“Paris misses her dad so much, so I think her wanting to be close to her mother is a natural thing. She has said as much,” a source said.

“When I’m with my mom, we don’t really have security with us. Which is really nice,” Paris said.

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