J.K Rowling will be releasing new Harry Potter writings come Christmas!

Just when we muggles thought it would be a long long time before we hear about the wizarding world, J.K Rowling is surprising us all with real treats for the 12 days of christmas!

According to insider information (as in the “Insider” at Pottermore.com), the unwrapping of gifts will start on Friday the 12th, December.

We’re feeling extra generous this year, so we’re bringing you early gifts this Christmas. Starting Friday, December 12, we’ll be releasing a festive surprise for you every day at 1pm GMT (8am EST).

With wonderful writing by J.K. Rowling in Moments from Half-Blood Prince, shiny gold Galleons and even a new potion or two, make sure you don’t miss out – just visit pottermore.com and answer our rhyming riddles to unwrap a #PottermoreChristmas surprise every day.

You don’t wanna miss it!