Iyabo Faruk kidnapped for three years since age 6 urges police to help find her familyIyabo Finally free after three years of abduction

9 years old Iyabo Faruk has lived for the past three years with various strangers after she was kidnapped at the age of 6.

According to Iyabo, she was on her way to school when a woman wearing a hijab abducted her. Her abductor then changed her name to blessing and  moved her from one home to another, as a domestic help, looking for the highest bidder.

Despite being so little, Iyabo tried on several occasions to get help to re-unite with her family. Although her abductor threatened to poison her if she told anyone she was kidnapped, Iyabo did just that. Each time she was shipped off to a new home, she complained to the new ‘boss’ that she had been kidnapped but all she got for her efforts were beatings.

Right now, three women involved in the abduction have been arrested and the police is working hard to rein in the original abductor so that Iyabo can be reunited with her family.