Hostgator Dotcom is a well known Alaskan man who starting selling tattoo space on his face in 2007 for $300 to $1,000, before later dropping the price to $75.

Just in case you are wondering, his parents didn’t name him Hostgator
Formerly known as Billy Gibby, the 32year old changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom in 2009 to fund his boxing career (which unfortunately was hurt by the fact that many of the site names on his face and body are from porn sites), so he could fight to support the cause of organ donation. He is such a strong supporter of this cause that he actually gave one of his kidneys to a total stranger and used site logo tattoos to pay for hospital bills after the surgery. In 2010, he took another extreme step and sold off the rights to his original name to the highest bidder, which happened to be
Hostgator Dotcom tattoosHostgator Dotcom tattoos
Now Hostgator is willing to sell tattoo space on his body to raise money to remove his facial tattoos. One of the biggest challenges he has faced throughout his career as an ad space has been dealing with extinct advertisers whose names no longer served any purpose, so he just covered them up with other brands. He admits that although he stopped the services for a while, he had to resume the practice during the recession to provide for his family.
Hostgator Dotcom drivers' licenseHostgator Dotcom and daughter
Hostagator Dotcom, a father of five, currently has 37 tattoos on his body 24 of which are on his face on his face representing various companies, including pornographic websites.


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