Gay Pastor under fire for the second time

Gay pastor, Rev Jide Macaulay who once ran a secret gay church secretly in Ojodu-Berger Lagos, Nigeria, is under heavy fire again.

When it became known years ago that Rev Macaulay was a gay pastor running a gay church, the following uproar led him to relocate abroad.

Eventually, the gay pastor was able to return to Nigeria and restart his follower-ship after the dust had settled, but his recent Facebook post has let loose a backlash again.

gay pastor fb post

Rev. Macaulay who is currently his gay church, “House of Rainbow Fellowship” abroad, calls on faithful and dedicated local leaders who believe in homosexuality and lesbianism all over the world. According to his statement on the internet, he said;

“My Church is a voice of the younger generation of citizens, activists, and Diaspora, and our collective belief in a more progressive Nigeria. They are afraid of our growing influence as we gather allies not just from the West, a people that are not afraid but powerful and resilient. We can reveal that right now, they are spreading their tentacles to every village, town and city around the world”.