3 eggs
Green bell pepper
Spring onions
Red pepper
1/2 cup of milk + 2 tbspn of flour
Vegetable oil / Cooking spray oil
Salt / seasoning

Dice the green bell pepper, carrots, spring onions and onions. Dice them nicely but small (tiny). If you cut them too big, it would break the eggs while rolling.

– Break the eggs in a bowl, whisk it. Add all the finely diced vegetables and milk and whisk properly.
– Spray the pan with vegetable oil or use the cooking brush to spread 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
– Pour a small amount of egg mixture into the pan. Pour just enough to cover the pan.
– Let the egg slowly cook. Once the edges lift, its time to roll the eggs. Gently lift and fold it over like a roll. Fold 1 1/3 of the egg, move it backward to the edge of the pan ; to create space to add more egg mix.
– Just like that, fold-pour-fold-pour until you’ve used up all the egg mix and you have one huge, delicious egg rollup. Allow the eggs to cool for 5 minutes before lifting out of the pan.
– Slice into pinwheel size and serve warm.


One great thing about egg roll-up is that it can be eaten warm or cold.