Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho raises hell as Cesc Fabregas was unfairly given a Yellow card during the team’s match against Southhampton.

As if Mourinho has not had enough of the many conspiracies against him (Read about Mourinho and the Possible Conspiracy Against Him), a referee at the Chelsea vs Southampton match pulled a yellow card on Fabregas when it was clear that the other team was at fault.

Fabregas dirty yellow card
Targett’s right leg appears to trip the Chelsea midfielder but referee Anthony Taylor chose to book Fabregas. photo source:

The unfair booking of Fabregas as so far resulted in a scandal which many have tagged as “dirty”!

According to DailyMail reports;

Jose Mourinho launched a furious attack on referee Anthony Taylor and claimed there is a campaign to brand his Chelsea team ‘cheats’ after their 1-1 draw at Southampton.

The Chelsea boss told Taylor he should be ‘ashamed’ of his performance after he failed to award Cesc Fabregas a penalty when he appeared to be fouled by Saints left-back Matt Targett.
Mourinho said: ‘The reality is that there are penalties and there are penalties – this was one was big, like Big Ben.

‘Referees are not here to guess, they are there to see. He assumed dishonest with Cesc and he is wrong.
‘Match after match coaches are saying Chelsea players are diving. out of nothing Sam Allardyce starts talking about my players.

‘I will go to the referee, wish him a good year and tell him he will be ashamed. There is a campaign against Chelsea.’

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