My Dream for Nigeria


Nigeria is a very unique and beautiful country, a country blessed by nature and rich in culture. My country Nigeria, from my perspective, is an endowed and lucky country, but we citizens cease to appreciate it.

Unlike other countries in Africa or even in the whole world, Nigeria has the least cases of natural disasters. I’m not talking about problems faced by other countries or the benefits Nigeria enjoys, I’m only stating an example of Nigerian’s un-appreciation.

In the year I 960, Nigeria gained its independence. As we know, some groups of people fought for this Independence. We know them as great patriots and leaders, but aren’t we making their efforts be in vain They fought for our country’s independence, and yet we are lagging in our development.

Nigeria is blessed with good leaders we say, but what progress or development have they made? Nothing! Instead they instill the spirit of corruption into our youths.

Who is a leader? A leader is a person who leads, guides and protects his followers. A leader is that person with a strong spirit of courage, dignity, humility and selflessness. Our present leaders call themselves good leaders, more like BIG LOSERS.

Why don’t we have real patriots, people with high sense of responsibility, who are ready to stand up for our country like Obafemi Awolowo and others did, and breakdown Nigeria’s corruption and stagnancy? The answer is very simple. We children, as the adage says, are the leaders of tomorrow. So should we follow the footsteps of our preceding leaders?

Happiness: dream for nigeria

I have a dream. A dream to see a better Nigeria, a developed Nigeria, a Nigeria that holds its cultures as its highest priority, a Nigeria where peace reigns, a unified Nigeria where no inter-ethnic or religious wars occur, and a more beautiful Nigeria.

The only way to achieve that is to stand up for the good of our country, to place our past true leaders and patriots, who fought for Nigeria’s development as our role models, and not our existing corrupt leaders, to be gap-less, humble and courageous.

We children and youths are Nigeria’s future, and the key to its change. Therefore, we have to co-operate, work hard and build a better Nigeria to make my dream for Nigeria come true.

Harmony: Dream for Nigeria






Adegoke Adedoyin is a 14 year old student who, asides from her

dreams for a better Nigeria, aims to be a Lawyer to reckon with.

She loves to cook, draw, dance and sing.