I have memories of blackboards and chalks… they aren’t all pleasant. In fact, it I used to think the combo was a dusty nightmare until I found Dangerdust.

Unlike the pre-dangerdust me, the anonymous duo known as #Dangerdust loves chalk. These two, who used to be students of Advertising & Graphic Design at the Columbus College of Art Design, decided one day to sneak into class at night and “vandalize” the board with an inspiring quote.

Dangerdust art picmix
3 different illustrations by Dangerdust. It may be hard to believe but these illustrations were done using chalk on blackboard. photo source: danderdust

Their illustrations are so beautiful, no one has the heart to erase them. From then on, they continued the trend; anonymiously, every week at night when the world slumbers, they erase their previous quote and replace it with another beautiful illustration.

It’s no surprise that all who have seen their work keep wondering…

“Who is Dangerdust?”

We are Dangerdust. We love chalk.

We started this project at the beginning of our senior year in college. It all began because we wanted to share a quote that had inspired us, in the hope that it would inspire others. We sneaked into school that weekend to illustrate the quote on an abandoned chalkboard. After that one time we were hooked, and Dangerdust was created.

Since graduating in May 2014, we have turned Dangerdust into a design firm and a full-time job. During this time we have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients including Nike and Target. We look forward to growing this dusty dream.

Love to see all of their amazing work? Then find and follow them on their Behance, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Read more about #Dangerdust below.

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