After the Superheroes zip and zap here and there, catching bad guys and super-villains, what do they do next?

If you’ve ever wondered about this, here’s the possible answer!

Talented photographer Edy Hardjo (Hrjoe Photography) created a playful set of scenarios using superheroes toys to put show some of the top superheroes in a “new light”.

When asked (in an interview with Shutterbug) how he brings out humour in his work, Hardjo explained that all he does is to replace a usual scene with the unusual.

I use my daily experience as source of ideas. I found out that sometimes even a serious thing or moment (if combined with certain act) can be funny. The recipe is “wrong combination.” All I do is replace the “usual” thing with the “unusual.”

Find below our top 5 photos of superheroes in compromising and hilarious scenes!

1. Superheroes play hopscotch too!

superheroes play hopscotch


2. Thor: “I bet my hammer she’s gonna drop the towel”

boys spying on Red


3. Classic save for World Book of Records

catch the bra


4. Errmmm… No comment. Lol!

bullying Spiderman


5. “Blasted flaming poop! Now everyone’s gonna know I did it!”

flaming poop


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